We are a producer of steel constructions of  plates, profiles and pipes. The production take place in a workshop with an area of 1550 m2 with  crane  capacity of 12,5 T.

We specialize both in production of steel constructions that are parts of ship’s equipment and in the industry. We are also making repairs and retrofits of existing constructions, among them containers.

Mostly we produce following products:

- Elements of crane constructions
- Catalysts and  silencers  (for ships and industry)
- Elements of marine fire-fighting systems
- Steel constructions of lifts and conveyor belts
- Ladders
- Base platforms for machines and devices
- Containers
- Platforms  and balustrades
- Rooms for fire safety systems on ships etc.

We produce of our own materials or from materials that are entrusted us by customers. We are using the hot dip galvanizing as well galvanic. We paint our constructions in every technology, that our customers require.

We have at our disposal up-to-date equipment, that make us possible to realize the order in a very short time by preserving of the highest quality.

If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.