Steel constructions and pipelines made by Porta Marine Service Sp. z o.o. are welded according to our own technology with the following methods: (according to EN 24062/ISO 4063)

- 141 (TIG)
- 135 (MAG)
- 136
- 141/136
- 135/136
-111 and  311 –special application


We are using successfully technology of 3/4’’ and 1/2’’ threaded connections making by using the technology of chip less drilling called Flowdrill®.  and threading called Flowtap®. These technologies makes us possible to produce very hermetic connections (to 300 bars) without application of much more laborious welding of the nozzles.

Extra services

Connections, that are made by us, are NDT  tested , according to client’s require. In our laboratory work qualified operators with II and III level of NDT permition.


We protect steel constructions, platform gratings and sections of pipelines against corrosion, by using hot dip galvanizing or painting, on client’s request.

Pressure tests

We have at our disposal a modern equipment stand for making pressure tests on pipelines and tanks. These workplace is equipped with a very efficient pump , that can generate a test pressure to 450 bars.